COURSE: Arabic Language Course for Non-Native Speaker Level I

Learning Arabic Easy for beginners

Finding it hard to learn Arabic from scratch? This course fits for beginners who wish to read, write and speak Arabic well.
  •   75 Students 
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  • Instructor : Ustadh Mahmud Baythar
  • 12 Lessons
  • Downloadable Notes
  • Recorded Video Available
  • Full lifetime access
About This Course
Course Content
Make learning Arabic easy in this three-month FAST TRACK course. Say NO to mundane and complicated Arabic language classes and extensive linguistic discussions. People always thought that learning Arabic is difficult due to its rich and vast vocabulary. The Arabic lexicon alone contains 12.3 million words, which is surprisingly 20 times the number of words in the English language! You would think the richness of the Arabic language makes the learning process much harder and tedious.
However, with the right techniques and properly curated Arabic language lessons conducted by our master teacher, you will be able to learn at least about 300 to 500 words in this one single Arabic language course. The best part is that it is suitable for all people with ZERO prior knowledge about the language. 
This Arabic language course will equip you with all the necessary language skills, beginning from individual letters, vowels, harakats and tanween, to numerals, vocabulary, common Arabic phrases, gestures and even full-on conversations!


Learn everything you need to know about the Arabic language in just 12 entertaining and in-depth LESSONS

You will:

  • Explore all 28 Arabic Alphabets and how to write them well
  • Identify the different forms of the alphabets in the beginning, middle and end of a word
  • Identify the Arabic vowels,‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’ letters
  • Use important and useful vocabularies in daily conversations
  • Engage in simple and basic Arabic conversation
  • Write short and simple sentences in Arabic
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At the end of this Arabic language course, you will enhance your language skills and harness an understanding of the basics of Arabic vocabulary, grammar, structure and style...all from nothing! You will learn a lot from ground zero, to a proficient Arabic language user in 3 months!

Who is this course for:

This course is suitable for students who are interested to:
  • Learn the basics of Arabic language with no prior knowledge
  • Learn how to write, read and speak Arabic at a beginner level
  • Learn the basics of Arabic grammar and syntactic structure

Member Reviews

I joined the course to decode the words I read in the Qur’an. The lesson is made interesting with the teacher’s sharing about the Sirah and examples from his experience.

The teacher is very engaging and shares many stories and lessons.
An eye-opener course for me to InshaAllah learn the Qur’an and language. Very engaging course. The teacher has good knowledge and grasp of the course.

Muhammad Taufan  Putra Johannes

About the Instructor:

Ustadh Mahmud Baythar
Ustadh Mahmud Baythar is a Native Arabic speaker from Amman, Jordan. He holds a Degree in Arabic Language & Literature, Al-Isra University and is currently an Arabic Language Lecturer at Khawarizmi University Technical College in Amman Jordan. He is also an Arabic Language Lecturer at The Arab Community College in Amman Jordan. He is certified for the Teaching of Arabic Language for Non-Native Speakers.
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